We the law firm of advocate Ahmed Ali Arrad for Attorney & Legal consultancy entrusted to service advocacy as we executed many cooperation agreements with more than 30 offices & law firms all over the world as today's world is the world of blocs. It is our desire to offer services in the field of law & consultancy to our clients everywhere.


A Brief on Our Law Firm

Our law firm has been established since 1991. We could select a distinguished cream of lawyers and legal consultants who enjoy high efficiency and various knowledge in all different law brandies.

Due to the world trend to attract foreign capital and open new horizons in terms of development and investment in the Kingdom of Bahrain and to prepare a reasonable climate to be in line with the world in an active and practical way and to provide proposals as for the suitable commercial banks - our law firm is pleased to provide its services through a set of sectors that can be summarized as follows:

1 . Civil, Criminal, Labour and Family (shari’a) Lawsuits Sector:

This sector is specialized in initiating all the legal measures before all different kinds of courts (Urgent - First instance - Appeal -Administrative - Cassation - Constitutional - Commercial) in terms of filing Cases attending hearings writing and submitting memos until the issuance of the final judgment or to represent clients before all the Courts as plaintiffs or defendants.

2 . Land Registration and Notarization Sector:

This sector is specialized in carrying out all different kinds of real estates with all the offices of survey bureau Commercial Registration and notarization other official bodies, mortgage agreements against banking loans and facilities.

3. Drafting Agreements Sector:

This sector is specialized in drafting all different local and overseas agreements including ships sale agreements, intellectual and industrial property, electronic trade agreements, construction agreements, real estate agreements, investment agreements and oilier legal agreements both in Arabic and English.

4 . Marketing and Sale of Properties Sector:

This sector is specialized in checking and detecting the validity of the ownership of the property sold to the Arab and foreign investors via referring to Land Registration and Survey Bureau in a full secret way.

5 . Management of Property Sector:

This sector is specialized in the management of all different kinds of property and colleting the returns thereof.

6 . Incorporation of companies and offshore companies Sector:

This sector is specialized in the incorporation of all different kinds of S.P.Cs and capitals together with appointing legal consultants with thereof in addition to initiating all the measures with the companies^ directorate — Ministry of Industry and Commerce as well as the registration of new companies (offshore ones) outside the Kingdom of Bahrain in collaboration with major companies concerned with this field.

7. Registration of Names, Trade Marks, Patents, Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Sector in addition to the merger of companies, Establishments, Banks and Liquidation of the Same.

This sector is specialized in the registration of all the names and trade marks, patents, industrial models, intellectual property rights related to the audible or visual technical or literacy works and others in accordance with tire laws of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

8 . Foreigners' Marriage Sector:

This sector is specialized in marriage contracts for foreigners whatsoever their nationalities or religion in addition to notarizing such contracts with the notarization office in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

9 . Investors Services Sector:

This sector is specialized in supplying the foreigner investor with comprehensive feasibility studies as for the best business that can be invested in, in addition to incentives and free customs granted by the Kingdom of Bahrain to all investors and this witnessed soliciting and attracting many international projects together with the selection of the commercial banks to deal with in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

10 . Arbitration and Intermediation Sector (alternative ways to settle disputes without the recourse to law courts):

This sector is created to fulfill the needs of the international trade, its sophistications and wide enlargement and to deal with the disputes that may arise especially such sector needs untraditional means to settle its disputes. Therefore arbitration and intermediation play an integral part to the role of the law courts, so this sector covers all different kinds of arbitration.(Institutional arbitration - free arbitration) in addition to intermediation that is recently emerged to reach quick solutions as for all different kinds of disputes out of the law courts and the prolonged measures.

11. At present, our Law Firm Represents many companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain and G.C.C.

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